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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Betrayal - A Mother's View

They say a woman can cry to her extreme but when she is finished crying she becomes that strongest person who can bear any hardship this human race can give her.  A weak woman can be a daughter, a sister or a wife but the strongest woman is a mother who is definite about her goals to upbring her child to the seven skies.
The only motive of her life becomes to teach the best to her kids. She never takes a second of break in doing her job. For the love and protection of her child she can bear anything this world showers on her. She becomes the brightest light in the darkest nights and the strongest shade in the bloodiest war. 

All these thoughts were rolling in her mind when her 3 year old son was wiping off her tears, was making faces so that she could smile, was kissing her to make her feel better and was hugging her to show her that she is not alone.

A betrayal is not easy to digest and especially from a man you loved since you were a child. Everything was getting absorbed in her four little chambers. Her heart was now a metal for this world but a soft teddy for her son. She has to become a father and a mother for her son because the man she loved was just a rope around her neck. She knew how hard it would be but on a second thought she knows it is for her better.

They say forgiving is the best remedy to fix a broken relationship, but she disagrees. A woman can forgive anything but not betrayal. She might forgive and go back but she cannot forget the pain of betrayal. All her life she protected herself from all other men, protected her respect because she knew she was completely HIS, she knew even her soul belongs to him, then how can a man betray such a partner.

After breaking her trust into pieces the only thing he had to say was that he was 'SORRY'. That he is 'GUILTY' of doing such a shameful act. He wants her back and wants to live the way it was before and even after all that, he expects that everything would be normal with just saying sorry.

Deep inside she wanted his 'SORRY' but didn't want to go back and forget everything like it never happened. How could she even forget, forget that she was replaced by other woman? How could she forget that he was lying to her face so perfectly that anyone in place of her could have gotten hypnotized by him.

Marriage is a big compromise but compromising yourself for a cheater is a waste of one's life. It can be possible that he is actually sorry for what he has done but what is done has destroyed her forever and cannot be undone. He has lost her love, her trust, her attention, her soul and her happiness of being with him forever.

They say that time can heal every pain one gets, as time passes you get over with your pain and eventually it fades out and stores in a page where you never tend to look. But she disagrees again. Time doesn’t heal anything, it is you who gets so strong to let things go. It is your tears that help you fade off the pain in your story. You do not forget and store it in a place you do not look at, but actually you get so use to the pain that it no longer bothers you. You simply just get immune to it. You tend to see things beyond that pain but it remains in your life forever. It is not necessary that you cry all the time over those facts of your life but that you take it as a lesson and move on. A lesson from which you learned to get stronger and stronger.

She got tired of thinking of all the consequences of the decisions she made, so she simply decided to leave things on fate. Leave things till she gets strong enough to let all the pain go. Its high time! She glanced at herself on the mirror and saw what she had became in his love. She had to change her attitude, she had to change herself, she had to live for once for the way she always wanted to, but keeping in mind that she is a mother, that she had many responsibilities on her shoulders. She had finally decided that she would spend as much time as she could with her son. The only true love she found was by being a mother of her only son.

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