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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A New Start

After a clear rejection she felt like her life was over. She lost all her dreams and didn't knew how to continue her life anymore. She got caged in her own world and the heart she owned wasn't her anymore. Everything went the way it was for years but all she did during these years was torture herself in a way to find the reason of her existence. Days after days went by but nothing changed.

Sitting idol and doing nothing was not a way to live her life. She believed that the only way to find herself was to get to know herself. She believed that life isn't over yet, and she could still change the way she lives. She started focusing on herself deeply and started following her passions and desires. She failed because she wasn't out of her trauma of being rejected, but she still knew that something just wasn't right, that something was rising inside of her, something that would make her successful in future.

She did sometimes thought that maybe there was some hope of him coming back, but she had to bury him beneath her self so she could start a new life, a life she didn't even knew. She started living for herself, for her own good, that maybe there was still a way.

Years after years of struggle she finally achieved her destination. She became an ambitious person with successful dreams. She was finally ready to do anything she wanted in her life. She was ready for anyone who wanted to accept her as a wife. She became a newly fresh women, but one thing she couldn't change was his love in her heart buried for years, but the pain was still the same and some memories were still there. Love never dies a natural death, it dies with the person itself.
One day she was waiting for a client in a restaurant, she saw a guy holding a bunch of flowers coming directly towards her and when the sight was clear, she didn’t knew how to react, it was him, holding a bunch of red roses. As he sat down beside her and said sorry for what he had done, that he couldn't stop thinking about her and realized the mistake he made years ago. He said that he searched for her everywhere but still wasn't able to find her, until one day he looked through the newspaper and found her picture saying, 'The best role model for women'. He said that he planned the meeting right away to meet her.
He suddenly sat down on his knees, took out a ring and proposed her, he said that he didn’t knew what would be her reply but all he know is that he loves her and it was stupid of him rejecting her years ago. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she got shocked with the situation, she didn't knew what to say. After a pause of 5 minutes, she took out a tissue and wiped her tears, slammed some cash on the table and called the waiter to bring the bill. As he stared her with shock, she walked pass him and said that she is no more the woman he rejected years ago.