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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Be Afraid To Remain The Same

"Moving Water Is Always Fresh,
Stagnant Water Is Just Another Home For Mosquitoes."

We, Humans are blessed with everything. Nature, beauty, happiness, success, failures, a heart that is able to beat at the speed of light and a mind to use properly.

Throughout our life we see crimes and justice, hear cries and laughter and experience many ups and downs. But still every time we manage to smile at the end of the day and see the betterment around the world, we manage to stand up again after every fall and show the world the light of right.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Shining Soul

She stood there at the end of the hallway staring at all the different people there. Nobody had noticed her as usual as she stood in the very corner. That hallway brought back memories. Memories of HIM. She didn't want to remember anything. She wanted to forget. She wanted everything to end. But deep down inside she wanted to keep all those scars fresh so she could know how easy it was to fall for someone, make them apart of you and then all of a sudden live life on your own. She was one of those many thousand people who had survived those scars but her story, it was different in some way. It wasn't like all the other 'stories'.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Hardships Of Life

sunset, people, girl

Sitting at the side view of the sea, he thought about how life went through just like a glimpse of a journey as the winds crossed through his wrinkled face. He just laughed at the sufferings of his past and said to himself that, 'life wasn't as tough as I thought.' Or maybe due to growing ages, a person just goes through a lot of ups and downs of his life which helps them to learn more, and then life just seem easy to them.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Life Is Not A Fairytale

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"She Was Unbeatable Now.
Her Strongest Weapon Was Her Soul, And The Weakest Was Her Heart."

He gave her everything more than her expectations; love, ease, respect, hope, inspirations, colors along with tits and bits of pain. She was a different person now, he made her different, his presence, his love and treatment made her the happiest.

Nobody had ever made her feel as peaceful as he did. Nobody knew why she was afraid of the dark other than him. Nobody loves her imperfections and adored them like him. She was just an ordinary person with a colorful mind, undiscovered.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Chin Up Girl!

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Nothing lasts forever, but you know what does? Memories. You can erase a person from your life, pictures, contacts, gifts and even from their existence but you can never erase the time, the moments, and everything you shared with them and every single moment you spent with them. They’re gone, just gone in a flash. They’re not with you anymore but they left a lot with you, so much that you just cannot throw away or burn. All that you can't do is forget or remove them. That's everything that will stay with you forever.

Memories good or bad, beautiful or ugly, best or worst doesn't matter, all that matters is that they left the hardest thing on you, and you were strong enough to fight through it.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

...Remember, Before It's Too Late!

6:00 am in the morning, lights on, all yawned, moments later bed's set up, while I looked over at the calendar; Here it is. The wait is finally over.

I passed the smiles to my roommates. riding a wheelchair to the front garden of the building, examining the beauty of nature just like every other day, looking over at the beautiful petals of the flowers blooming and watching the children play free and innocent, just reminded me of my son and daughter, as well as my late wife.

Monday, 6 June 2016


Flashbacks. Sudden flashbacks. Old moments playing like a movie bringing waves of emotions. Past replaying. Moments that have passed coming back in parts. Something that all of us live with. Something that everyone possesses. Memories.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Live Your Life The Way You Want!

Don't let people decide your future. Be who you want to be, live your dreams and struggle for success. Forget what the society thinks, actually just forget what anyone thinks! Say what you feel, act straight and never give up. Be strong, and never quit. Don't let others take away the uniqueness within you. Ignore the people what they say. Just live your life and let them live theirs.

Saturday, 4 June 2016


A story never heard nor wrote. My life is that myth. Everything was perfect, my life was amazing. It was complete, and after losing my parents when I was 2 years old, I only had my brother who was mentally not well. I wasn’t a rich girl, I was living a poor hard life but I had love surrounding me. I had everything I wanted, I was happy and soon me and my fiancĂ© were going to get married. Both of us belonged to the same class and were living a life of hardwork but we loved each other and that makes every other thing small. I loved him crazily, I was mad after him. So was he. I was living a life of fairytales.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Was It Worth It?

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It was time. After all those years, after all those beautiful moments, and after all those memories they had together. It was just the right time to back-off before things went serious and more afar. It was the right time to forget them all, actually, it was the right time for them to just forget each other. It was the time to finally grow up and realize their immaturity that they had done in their childhood. All those mistakes they had done, were those worth it? They knew they could never be together in their whole life, whether it be their worldly life, or the afterlife. Never ever could they live their lives as one, but still, they had hopes.

Hope Is What Made Them Stronger, And They Kept Their Hopes High.

Thursday, 2 June 2016


Confused. Ten different things came to her mind at once. She sat there wondering. Yes they had became friends, just friends for a long time back, but why didn't it felt like that? Why did they still talked like they weren't the one? They had started talking from like eight months, the first time she had felt something like this happening inside her, it was just two months later they had chosen separate paths. But fate had made them one for once again, but again, for how long?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Most Awaited Day

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"Without Pain, How Could We Know Joy?"

White buttonup shirt contrasted with a jet black skirt with a pair of black wedges. My perfect winged liner, and demure lipstick. “This looks better” I said while giving myself a last look in the mirror by my closet. I held my bag and walked out of the room. The house was empty like always, everyone’s busy in their own lives. Mom might be at some party from last night, and dad well,  he’s always out of the country. Jake my little brother he’d be in his room, snoring probably. My phone rang and there it was. Zach’s text, “I’m here”. I came outside, and his metallic grey Audi is standing right infront of my house and he’s waving at me. I put a big smile on my face and walked towards the car.