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About Us

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Ali Asghar
EnchantedWrites is founded by Ali Asghar who loves to read and write, with a passion of learning & gaining knowledge, I started writing this blog on 16th April 2016 with an aim of succeeding in life and making people obsessed with my words. And because of my extraordinary speaking & writing skills in English language and literature, as well as my passion of writing on deep feelings and other categorical topics, I want my work to reach to more people around the world!

Senior Editor & Social Management
Maida Nasir Khan
Expressing my feelings in a way of writings and providing people a chance to let them hear my voice is absolutely a great way to start. I wanted my work to reach more people around the world. With a team of some great authors, soon we would accomplish our mission and be successful!

Senior Author & General Editor
Noor Waseem
It's hard to say but easy to explain in words. Feelings are something that only you can understand about them, no one else can! I love to help people and seeing this 20th century's generation, I really want to motivate and inspire everyone so that they could lead their life with success in their minds. Somehow, I ended up on EnchantedWrites and got obsessed with their words so much that I tried my luck and sent them some articles. Luckily, here I am.

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