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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Some Promises Are Meant To Be Broken

Life is full of surprises, she nodded. She was stunned by those sudden words, soon after her heart was full of dreams, he crushed them one by one saying that he never had feelings for her. She was shocked and didn’t knew how to react. Their friendship was more than what they deserved.
She wanted him to be close to him like he was always, she wanted to stay alive and dream again and again with a hope that he would come back for her. So she made a promise. A promise she didn’t know that will cost her - her life.
His happiness was her everything. She promised him that she will be his friend as long as she breathes. She promised him that she will never leave him alone no matter what hardship she faces in her way. But yet again, things go the way we never want.
Time passed. His feelings faded what ever he had for her and it all disappeared. He changed into a new man with lots of dreams. But she stood in the same place she was before and felt every pinch of pain day and night. All she ever wanted was for him to hear her out. She kept that promise because she never wanted to lose his side. She wanted to feel alive and this was the only way she had.
Then one day, just like always, her hopes were all crushed, the hope of him coming back was all taken away by someone she loved. He slapped her so hard that she got broken into gazillion pieces. She was lost, lost in her own world. All her dreams were crushed, she didn’t knew what to do in her life, it seemed like she was in a land of lost souls searching for a way to go back, but she couldn't. Her love was too deep that all she could do was cry. Every day and every night she suffered but yet he never asked how she was doing.
She wanted him to know her suffering. She just wanted him to listen to her even if he had to listen to her just as a friend they used to be. But his ego was to much, his selfishness pulled her away, someone who wanted to give her life for him now wanted to die for herself. But why should she die?
All she wanted to do now was to move on, move on from her awful feelings, her unwanted dreams, her thinking and the ability of caring for people so much. But every time she tried to forget them, she ended up in her own world.
Millions of thoughts hunted her daily. She became a psychological patient in an extremely bad condition, she use to shout for help but no one cared about the storm she was going through. But no matter what happened, she became stronger and stronger day by day.
She decided to let go of all the promises she made, but this time it was for herself. And one day she told herself to stop being weak. Get up and let it go! And now she became stronger and happier than anyone else.

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