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Friday, 22 July 2016

Someday In A Thousand Nights Changed Her Life

I wonder if I was even a thought to you? Maybe I crossed your mind for once or maybe you still had feelings for me. Thousands of thoughts that crossed my mind, making a twister around my head. These thoughts were making me mad, hunted me every night. The pain was so much to bear and ended up torturing myself. Every day and every night I used to question myself...

Just Why? Why me all the time? Why did he leave me? What didn't I had that he was looking for? Why did he let me go? Was my love not enough? Millions of thoughts and millions of questions came in my mind, but still I hoped that maybe I crossed his mind for once. The one thing she didn't knew was that people leave no matter what and they never look behind.

She was so much for someone and nothing to herself? Days went by nights and she went through all she could bear. Dreamed about him daily and watched him with someone else. It was all a mistake. Lost her self respect over and over again but all she wanted was Him.

Every time he was her first priority and she was nothing to him. She had one thing left behind and that was hope, and that too was taken away from her. She cried so much and lost herself in the process of becoming the best version of herself. She was told that she deserves a better man, but who could be a better man than him?

She tried to kill herself but every time she tried she thought that what if he comes back? Every day she searched for a way to make things work out between them. She chose him over her, just to be close enough so that she could feel alive. He was everything to her and she was nothing to him. She tried so hard to work out between them but every time she tried, she ended suffering the pain which was unbearable.

This is how she erased him for every tear in her eyes. The love she had for him was gone now. All the respect and love was turning into hatred and it was the only way her love was fading away. She needed to kill her hopes that she was ever a thought, she needed to think through it all again and clear her thoughts that he cared about her. It was long, too long that she lost it? Lost her senses, herself and everything she ever wanted in her life. His love was finally out of her heart and believed that it was nothing but a daily nightmare that hunted her.

She was healing with time, she became so strong that she felt scared of herself. She was simply so tired of the drama which made her to quit him. She started living for her self and became ambitious and determined. She started a new life with a new look and yes, she became a girl with an ambition. A women with a dream and a lady with a class!

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