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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Be Afraid To Remain The Same

"Moving Water Is Always Fresh,
Stagnant Water Is Just Another Home For Mosquitoes."

We, Humans are blessed with everything. Nature, beauty, happiness, success, failures, a heart that is able to beat at the speed of light and a mind to use properly.

Throughout our life we see crimes and justice, hear cries and laughter and experience many ups and downs. But still every time we manage to smile at the end of the day and see the betterment around the world, we manage to stand up again after every fall and show the world the light of right.

Every person living in this small world, plays his part and inspires others through his own story, everyday. Being who we are and what we like or what we wear should be our pride. You don’t have to become what world likes you to be, you’re different in your own way, beautiful in your own style and rich in your own dreams. Who says, you’re not perfect? You are, show them. So be your own self. Because the world needs a new story not the old one which has been repeated a million times.  

Every day and every second are a series of actions around the world which are many times unbearable to us. Each step we take today will build up the lives of our generations. Life gives you goose bumps, cries and leaves you with so much to learn from. All these mistakes which you make and all those failure words you hear from others makes you a better and a stronger person than yesterday.

Every person surrounding you inspires you with their qualities. Learn from them, learn from your past, learn from your mistakes and even learn from the successes. There is a lot to learn yet you think you’re so done being a child who learns.

It's just a matter of time when all the late nights and the suffer you deal with now, would just become a joke in your future. You will literally laugh at all of your problems you had today, in your future. Suffer now, get hurt and pain now, be a failure now or get hated by others now, but NEVER QUIT. Suffer until your dreams come true and the people who mocked you, obey you now.

You can change the whole world, remember one man can press a button of a nuclear bomb and destroy the whole humanity, so remember, one man can do anything. Take the first step for the change you want to see in the world. Because only you can do this, you have to learn, get up, and stand for the rights of all those people deprived of them. You can make a difference, you can shape the future and you can believe in your beliefs even if you’re the only one to believe it.

"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World."

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