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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

...Remember, Before It's Too Late!

6:00 am in the morning, lights on, all yawned, moments later bed's set up, while I looked over at the calendar; Here it is. The wait is finally over.

I passed the smiles to my roommates. riding a wheelchair to the front garden of the building, examining the beauty of nature just like every other day, looking over at the beautiful petals of the flowers blooming and watching the children play free and innocent, just reminded me of my son and daughter, as well as my late wife.

The nurse brought me my book, the only book that I have, the only one I found interesting, That was my only hope that gave me strength to live every day. I showed it to every other person passing by, "Trust me, its not an ordinary book" I told to the little girl who was a visitor here. But I just sat there smiling at how she ran away all afraid of me. Huh.

I opened the book, it's almost about a hundredth time I opened, but still, I just never got bored of this album. I made this, after the birth of my grandson. Collected all the previous and all the upcoming moments where I always ensured that no one harmed this album. It had my whole life summed up. Those were the days. But I still felt the love after two years of looking over these pictures, and every time I read it, a strong tear rolled down my wrinkled face. I told myself that I will love my children no matter what.

I called in the nurse, she brought me my coffee and I asked her to prepare my things, I wanted to look the best among everyone that day. She looked at me with a bare face. No expressions, but just a sign of grief on her face. She knew they won't come. But I gave her a smile, "Stay happy young lady, you never know when it's your last day to smile. Trust me." And then I saw her eyes filling up with water. She just nodded and took me to the washroom. I shaved my beard, took a shower, combed my hair and wore the best suit I could find in my broken suitcase. I looked in the mirror and seeing that big smile of mine just made me the happiest man in the whole universe.

I waited at the garden near the gate, still wearing that big smile. I was absolutely sure they all would come; my son, his family, my grandson and my daughter. They loved me and I knew that no one can say they don't. A part of me knew that it would just be my wish like ever.

It hurts. It really does, all I wanted my whole life was to live a nice lovable old age. All I ever wished was that my children loved me the same way I did. I wanted to see them be successful. I wanted to see how much they love me. Who stays with me in my hard times and who gives up and leaves me. But a part of me just hoped for the best like it did everyday. That's more like lying to your own self! My inner conscience hit hard up there again.

I refused to eat anything. I wanted to spend my time and eat lunch with my family. It was already 8:48 pm and I was still there in the garden. People came and went. The album rested on my lap. I haven't moved an inch of myself, and with that big smile on my face, I sat there still waiting and hoping that maybe this time it's the day they will come.

The doctors surrounding me and literally begging me to come inside and telling me again and again that they won't come. BUT I KNOW THEY WILL. THEY WILL. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AFTERALL. HOW CAN MY SON FORGET THAT?

He just can't and I knew that. Not this time. I waited till the very last minute. A phone call, a message, a visit atleast? Anything? But no, Still nothing. No one came. Just like everyday, I looked at the clock ticking and with every second passing, teardrops escaped my eyes.

The doctors told me that I was perfectly fine and not a mentally retarded person, I never was actually. It was just my son and my daughter who left me because as I aged, I became a burden to them. But I didn't trust them anymore.

About two weeks after my birthday, I finally got to see my son and my daughter. I already started jumping around in my mind with full of joys , that big smile appeared again on my face as I stared at them, and that wrinkled face just aged back to my younger self. All those feelings. All those happiest moments. And all those times we used to be together, it just felt that I was back to the good old normal days. But well, life just changes, only the difference in that moment was, they were within their bodies, and I was within my soul.

Always remember your parents during their old age, before it's too late!

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