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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Day I Met Her

That One Special Person!

The day I met her was the most special day for me. I crashed into her while I was running for my class, her notes flew away on the floor like some feathers. We both crouched to pick up the notes but hit our heads with each other instead. I looked at her and there my heart stopped like ever, her brown hair in a messy bun. Those hazel eyes made my heart ponder.

The elegance she had made her the most unique of all. She was probably new in my college as I never saw her before. I was drowning in my thoughts when suddenly she waved me 'hey', that smile.. I realized I looked like a creep. I picked up the remaining notes and handed them over to her. I couldn't speak, I became speechless.

She smiled, took her notes and walked away. I was so happy that she smiled at me, atleast someone noticed me at last for once in my life, this was indeed the best day of my college life. My heart was still lighting up like fireworks, and my inner self was jumping up with joy.

I went to my class after that beautiful moment, sat on my chair in the third row and started staring at the class board thinking about her. When suddenly, she appeared again and introduced herself to the class. I stared at her tremendously as she explained about herself, neither could I stop staring at her nor could I stop smiling.

She noticed me again while I was staring at her, I started looking here and there. She came near me and sat next to me on an empty seat. The fireworks which were exploding within myself were unimaginable, I started shaking for a bit but then everything went fine after a few minutes. I noticed that she looked at me with those eyes again and I got nervous.

After some few minutes when the period was over, she asked me for some kind of help with the Chemistry subject, I helped her with all my effort and after a few moments we started talking with each other.

It was off time and we both headed way back to the college's gate where we waited for a bus, we chatted and chatted until a bus came. Sat in the corner and continued with her life stories, unintentionally I asked her address and she told me, I started jumping again inside as I found out that she was my neighbor. The one who shifted two days ago - it was her.

As time went by, and so did we grew up, life changed but became more amazing, we lived together for the rest of our lives. The day I met her was the best day of my life. A true destiny awaited us.

Many times, those feelings lights up ourselves, our life becomes amazing and we start loving every single thing on this earth, those feelings are indescribable! It's like you enter a completely different world, not even thinking about the things happening around you and completely forgetting who you are. Everyone starts calling you crazy, but you don't even care about what they are saying, you just feel so special that even you call yourself crazy

You even greet & talk to every one of your friends and family with a different happy manner whenever these kinds of things happen, you even help some random strangers if they are in need of help whenever you see them, those feelings are definitely unimaginable!