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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Broken Glass

Once, there was this boy, everyone mocked him, bullied him, and always made fun of him. No one supported him, he had no friends and even his family used to take him for granted. He used to cry under his bed, awoke all night trying to figure out the meaning of his useless life. It was not once, nor twice, but a total of three times he tried to suicide, but every time he tried to, something used to stop him, and that 'something' was much more like a feeling of some kind of 'hope'.

He always cared about others more than himself, day by day, his hopes and dreams used to turn to nothing more than some dust. His parents took him out of his school as they thought it will be of no use to 'waste' money on their child. He was called crazy among his classmates and even the teachers used to punish him for no reason.

He just couldn't get over the fact that why everyone hated him? Why did everyone bullied him and made fun of him? No one in this world was in his favor, he was alone, alone in this darkness. Could he survive or will he quit?

Then came a girl, she shifted in his neighborhood just a couple of days ago, he saw her while she was sitting in front of her house on her lawn reading a book, a book about 'love'. It was not much after that he got to know her and had fallen in love with her, waving each other daily from their terrace and chatting till late night. They both had loved each other more than anything else.

The boy only had her in his life, his life became amazing as well as his hopes and dreams went high again. Until one day....

He just stood in anger, tore his dreams and had no more hope left in himself. Wrote a letter for his family & friends, stood on a chair where a ring of rope was hanging from the chandelier, he put his head inside the ring and kicked the chair from his legs.

There, he seeked a light, a light which showed him the way out of darkness. A bright light, which blinded him of it's beautiness, he looked back to prevent his eyes getting blind and saw himself hanging on that rope. He looked back at that light, and there stood someone who looked more special than an angel.

2 days back, his girlfriend left him, even after all those times and all those moments, she left him. Maybe there was someone better than him, or someone more special than him, but yet again there he was - Alone again.

You know, there comes a time when you aren't afraid to leave this world, aren't afraid of anything related to death, because you know that you have no meaning of life in this world, so there's no use to live anymore. And then there comes someone who shows you a way of living this life again, shows you every amazing thing of this world and light up's your life like a lantern.

Whether it be anyone, your family, your friends, that special girl/boy, they always show you the true path and take you out of the darkness. But then, they leave you, they show you how to live this life, but forget to show how to live this life without them!

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