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Sunday, 15 May 2016

You Never Know How Important Someone Is To You, Until You Loose Them

The title says it all. Don't you sometimes want something so badly, like anything? You sometimes cry for it, or probably scream in the house that you want it? And then when you get it, you don't even care about that thing anymore after sometime. And again, when you loose it, you cry so badly and want it again. Or sometimes, even after you loose it, you don't care anymore about it.

Well, same happens with humans, at first, we want a way to talk or be with a person so badly, we like, want to OWN that specific person. And when we get the chance to be with that person, we get happy and jump around with tears of joy. Then later, when we get irritated and annoyed from that person and loose him/her, at first, we get happy, but later realize that it was the biggest mistake to loose him/her, and that our life became incomplete without them. And so, we cry for the rest of our lives. Whether it was our fault, or vice versa. It would be still Our mistake if we were the first ones to leave them.

Like, you never know how important someone is to you, until you loose them. You just never know the consequences it would lead to. It would probably be so awesome or cool for you, but what about the other person? What if you were in place of that person?

If you wanted to leave that specific person at first? Why met him? If you never liked that person or were just annoyed by that person when he came and talked to you, why didn't you just tell him? It would have been just better crying for a day than crying for the rest of our lives when you would just have left him and said abusing words as well as spread rumors of him all over the school or college, and that after all the things you guys went through together, he would had to deal with them daily alone.

Why torturing the other person? Or being tortured yourself? Why faking everything and playing with the other person's heart? Like just why? Weren't you just happy with the way you were living before meeting them? Like you see a person, and think; "Let's Play With That Guy's Heart And Have Some Fun."

Well, whether it's you, or the other way around, things happen, life still goes on, all we need to do is Stay Strong and always think that,our life was going well before, and it still can go well after the departure of that person. All we need to do is put our hopes high, after-all Hope is what makes us stronger!

Written & Published by
Ali Asghar

1 comment:

  1. if we find someone and later on we leave thm n still wants thm it is not always the case that the person is worth hvn in ur is our heart that wants that person bt in actual staying away from him/her is better....things get different whn u get to knw that person for who they r....time would erase that gap and pain of leaving bt in future life would be as wonder full as our GOD wants to strong and let go of unworthy people in ur life....